Car AC diagnosis

Car AC diagnosis is done with 4 diagnosis steps.

  1. Understand the Car AC and customer concern.
  2. Check for technical faults.
  3. Conduct a systematic diagnosis.
  4. Complete and confirm coolness.

All parts of Car like  compressor, fan, and  AC ducts are going to meet this diagnosis steps and we check it with computerized and manual scanning.

AC gas checking -level of gas -

Need to take a check-up for AC gas cause this may lead to a leak, faulty compressor, and future damage can be AC replacement, Plus we diagnosis for all weather condition AC, so be Carefree with unicool.

Leak testing with nitrogen gas -

leaking is a more common problem, so we Carry out leak testing with nitrogen gas. Nitrogen gas injected under pressure to assure good connection in welding and pipefitting and a main key factor of nitrogen gas is, it's non-flammable. Which is good for us and for your Car.