Car AC Maintenance

For a prolonging life of your Car AC you must go for a check-up, not on monthly basis but yes once in a year. For carrying out full Car air conditioning service, you need fully qualified technician which we provide; also your Car aircon is totally serviced under our maintenance package.

Maintenance package is like:-

  • Gas charging.
  • Cabin Filter cleaning (if it is in bad condition we replace it).
  • Cooling Coil Cleaning and Leak Testing.
  • Radiator Cleaning – It Works on Overheating issue of Car.
  • Condenser Cleaning and Leak Testing  after which Car doesn’t  overheat due to high heat temperature or bumper to bumper traffic pollution and provide proper cooling.
  • Compressor Oil Top-up – Compressor gets lubricated and it gets strengthened and increases its life. (The AC system is split into two sides, a high-pressure side and a low-pressure side; defined as discharge and suction. Since the compressor is basically a pump, it must have an intake side and a discharge side. The intake, or suction side, draws in refrigerant gas from the outlet of the evaporator. In some cases it does this via the accumulator).

Now faults for conditioning system break down can be:-

  • The drive belt.
  • Faulty compressor.
  • Sign of refrigerant oil stain at the compressor, hoses, pipes.

So the tip would be like, get your Car AC maintenance and services before the start of hotter month and end of the colder month. Stay cool.