Car AC Repair

At Unicool we specialize in dealing with Car Air Conditioning service and all kind of Car AC problems. Unicool, spreading its professionalism from last 25 years and our skilled staff have solved from simple to complex Car AC repair issues in 72,000 + numbers of Cars.

Unicool provides Car AC service in Mumbai with latest arrived technologies like computerized scanning machine to detect any kind of Car AC problem. We specialize in dealing with high-end brand cars like Mercedes, BMW, Audi with thorough professionalism. Many cases we handled dealt with issues like non-availability of parts like coils and compressors of specific cars, in such situation we modify the parts and keep the AC running.

Get quality outcomes from our services, as our technicians are highly experienced and we keep on training them with latest techniques and machineries.

We deal in :

  • AC leak test..
  • Compressor repairing:  It resizes due to lack of lubrication.
  • Condenser block: Due to air pollution condenser of Car gets blocked by a layer of dust & Carbon.
  • Aluminum welding: When cooling coil leaks we help to save your penny.
  • Test & determine AC system condition.
  • ECM related problems are also solved.
  • Complete Car AC repair service.